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Sudden Cardiac Arrest on the Links... Are you up to par?

Close-up of Golf Club and Golf BallEvery year, thousands of medical emergencies take place on golf courses around the country. Often, these emergencies are beyond the reach of medical attention. Although the majority of medical emergencies are minor and managed by golfers or the golf course staff, life-threatening emergencies such as cardiac arrest pose a significant hurdle to Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Sudden, out-of-hospital cardiac arrest is a leading cause of death in the United States. When out-of-hospital cardiac arrest is caused by ventricular fibrillation (a shockable heart rhythm), the effectiveness of defibrillation diminishes with each passing minute; early defibrillation is effective in improving survival from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. As golf continues to grow in popularity and as our population continues to age, we are seeing an increase in major medical emergencies such as cardiac arrest on the links. Golf courses are now the fifth most likely place for Sudden Cardiac Arrest to occur. With this in mind, it is important to have¬†Automated External Defibrillators¬†(AEDs) placed in high risk locations such as golf courses. Each minute delay in defibrillation and CPR reduces the chances of survival by up to 10 percent. A recent paper suggests that AEDs should be placed in areas that could reasonably anticipate one use every five years. With many golf courses reaching over 20,000 users per year, and many of those participants over the age of 50, many golf courses meet this expectation. Currently, golf courses have a surprisingly low level of preparation in dealing with cardiac events. Due to the lack of awareness, we at Blackjacket Group have identified golf courses as an area we would like to bring attention to. It is our goal to increase access to AEDs at golf courses. By having an AED and proper training lives could be saved and golfers can have peace of mind while they enjoy the links. From now until May 1st 2014, we are offering a 15% discount on AEDs to all Golf Courses in our region. Please contact us to find out more information on AEDs, Sudden Cardiac Arrest and our CPR and First Aid Training.