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CEVO 3 AmbulanceFirst introduced in the early 90’s, the Coaching the Emergency Vehicle Operator™ (CEVO) courses for ambulance, fire and police personnel quickly became accepted as standards in driver training for these fields. Since then, over 500,000 emergency professionals have been trained with the CEVO™ programs. This course is approved for 8 CEU's from the New Jersey Office of Emergency Medical Services (NJOEMS). Now, based on valuable input from participants, instructors, and loss prevention professionals, a revised and updated CEVO 3: Ambulance™ course is available. As with the original program, operators will appreciate CEVO 3’s non-lecture, participant-intensive educational approach, and instructors will appreciate the program’s flexible and easy-to-use format. The core 6-hour course is divided into six sessions, which can be presented in one day or spread out over multiple days. What's new: * New and updated Response Book situation analysis * "Coaching Reminder Points" completion statements in the Response Book * All new discussion scenarios based on common collision situations. * New video including: Vehicle inspection, a balance of small town and rural locations with large urban locations and in-cab video of actual collisions. * Operator learning teams used to promote discussion among participants.