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Emergency Under the Bed Kit

When emergencies happen in the middle of the night, having
crucial items nearby for immediate response could save your life.
Use this list as a suggestion of essential items to keep under the bed.

Any bag will do as long as it is large enough to hold everything, but small enough to slide under the bed

Make sure you will be able to see in the event of power failure by ensuring your flashlight works when you need it.
Keep the batteries stored outside of the flashlight to avoid depletion and to maximize shelf life.

Shoes and a change of clothes are essential for an emergency that wakes you up in the night. Prevent stepping on broken glass with bare feet and have clothing to wear while you evacuate

An inexpensive and reliable source of light with greater room illumination than flashlights.

Make sure you can signal for help. The sharp pitch of a whistle can be perceived better than a voice over ambient sounds.

Protect yourself while you clear debris and move heavy or broken objects. Leather-palmed gloves are ideal.

Use to pry open stuck windows and doors during evacuation.

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